Hey Guys!! The game is on its way!! Congratulations!!

Average Jake Firefighter Blog

Well it is a day late but the giveaway contest is over and WE HAVE A WINNER!!!!!

The Ratliff Volunteer Fire Department Station 10 in Callahan Florida submitted this picture after doing some RIT training

They won the free copy of Real Heroes: Firefighter for the Nintendo Wii

Thanks for reading guys and gals keep a look out for the game coming to you and let me know when you get it. I am also working on a possible product review that will have a giveaway aspect to it if it goes down so keep an eye out for that.

Sorry this is so short but the last few weeks with ALS continuing education class, activities with the kids, regular shifts, and part-time work it has been BUSY here. Hopefully after this week it will calm down a bit and I can get back to some regular posting.

Until then….

Thanks for reading…

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