Happy New Year from Station 10!!

To all of our friends who will be celebrating the New Year tonight~ alcohol does not mix well with cars or guns. If you feel the urge to drink one too many-tell someone-call a sober friend that can drive you home-or sleep it off with your friends. It is not worth the pain and suffering for your or your loved ones if you are involved in a Motor Vehicle Accident, when you could have made a simple phone call. Bullets that are shot into the air must come down. They do so at a tremendous rate of speed. They will pierce your skull before you knew what hit you (or that of someone you don’t even know). Please don’t make Station 10 respond to your location because of a preventable injury this New Years Eve. We enjoy serving our community, but don’t want to see lives turned upside down.

Thank you to the citizens of Nassau County and the Ratliff Community for your generous support during 2012! We enjoyed another great year of serving our community and surrounding areas when the need arose. The contract road has been a bit rocky~and it is ongoing. We will work hard to make sure the citizens continue to receive the best possible fire/rescue response!! We will have a yard sale/BBQ in the spring of 2013~dates TBD. We appreciate your continued support! We look forward to undergoing more training and possibly the addition of new apparatus in 2013. As always~Take Care and Stay Safe!!

~RCVFD Station 10 Public Information Officer- Rachel Benoit


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