February 1, 2013~VERY HIGH FIRE DANGER!!!

Please be careful with any fire today! The Florida Forest Service is NOT issuing any burn permits for today. Nassau County’s Fire Danger Index is a 4 today-VERY HIGH Fire Danger!!! The Keetch Byram Drought Index (KBDI) for today in Nassau County is between 500-549. (0 is “ocean like ground conditions” and 800 is “desert like ground conditions”) The average for the county is 532-the minimum is 435 and the maximum throughout the county is 593. 19% of the county is between 400-500 KBDI and 81% of the county is between 500-600 KBDI for today. The Ratliff Community VFD coverage area has a KBDI between 550-600 for today. The ground is VERY dry and the conditions are perfect for a wildfire to start and grow out of control very quickly today. Please be EXTRA cautious today with any outdoor activity that involves fire-including smoking!!!


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