Spring fundraiser and Budget info…

Don’t forget-our Spring fundraiser event will be held on April 12-13th.
This event will be important as the County is planning on cutting our budget by 10% for the 2013-2014 Fiscal year.
We were worried about the contract last fall-the county gave us until June to get a “new” contract-it has been presented to them at this time-but we have not heard anything from the county about it so far.
Since they can’t seem to fix the budget shortfall themselves (According to County Manager Ted Selby- We cannot cut regular County departmental expenses by 10 percent without “drastically decreasing” the services provided to County residents)
While the County is trying to work on next years budget DON’T FORGET this few things:

*The volunteer fire departments (VFDs) fall under “nonprofits” according to the County Commission
*The VFDs provide 99% of the water to the Westside of the county-for use extinguishing structure and wildland fires-we also provide water to the hydrant system Eastside of the County when asked for.
*The VFDs provide much needed man-power on the scenes of larger incidents and when NCFRD asks us to assist them on smaller incidents.
*The VFDs combined-all 7 departments-don’t use more $300,000 of the Nassau County Budget-much less than any other part of the budget

Please remember this information when you are reading about the Nassau County Budget meetings. If you can please call, write, or e-mail your Commissioner and the others too! If you get the chance to go to one of the budget meetings please do-and let them know that you support your local Volunteer Fire Department!!!

Thanks for your support!!!

Rachel Benoit
Public Information Officer
RCVFD Station 10


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