West, Texas~Last Call~ April 17th, 2013~RIP

As of now, it appears that there LODDwere 12 deaths related to the fire & EMS operations on the scene of the West, Texas Fertilizer Plant fire and explosion.

5 Firefighters with West FD.

2 Firefighters with Abbott FD/West EMS.

1 Firefighter with Merknel FD/West EMS.

1 Firefighter with Bruceville Eddy FD/West EMS.

1 Dallas FD Captain who lived in West went to the scene to assist.

(The 4 Firefighter/EMT’s were at the West EMS Station taking an EMT class, saw the fire and went to assist.)

2 Civilians who have ties to the West FD were helping on the scene.

If you want to help:

As always, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has stepped up-and in this case, has established a national fund to accept monetary donations to assist the survivors and coworkers of the fire and EMS personnel who died in the line of duty. Checks can be mailed to:

West, Texas Fire/EMS Fallen Hero Fund/NFFF
P.O. Drawer 498
Emmitsburg, MD 21727

Donations also can be made by credit card at www.regonline.com/westtx . All donated funds will be used to assist the survivors and coworkers to rebuild their lives and support the programs and services they will need.

Our Chief’s son (a firefighter himself) has been honored to be asked to assist at the funeral of the Dallas Captain and also the Memorial service for the West firefighters as a bagpiper.

Please keep the familiVFDes of the volunteers in your hearts and prayers!


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