June Business Meeting Recap

We had a busy meeting last night! Here is a recap:

*We approved/accepted our newest member-Casey-into the department. He is now fitted with gear and ready to start learning! So glad to have another volunteer join our ranks!
*We will be hosting a fish fry/family day in August to raise funds for the department. Stay tuned for the date. more information will be provided as we get it laid in stone!
*Contract Information: We are awaiting a reply from the county about the funds that we are to receive for the next fiscal year as well as clarification about workers compensation before we do anything more with the contract as it stands. The response we receive from the county with regards to these issues will determine if we will sign the contract for the 2013-2014 Fiscal Year. If we are unable to sign the contract we may try to stay open as a community funded fire department-our only other option would be to close our doors and stop serving the community after 23 years.
We hope we don’t have to close our doors, but at this point it is up to the County Officials.

Just an update from the Station!
Thanks for your support!!!


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