The Full Scope of “Never Forget”

A very well written article as we remember what happened 12 years ago today.

Jacksonville's Burning Issues

Today marks a very solemn day in the fire service, as we reflect on the tragic events of this day in 2001, where our country was attacked and numerous Americans from all walks of life rose to the occasion to help others.

It’s days like these that define an entire generation.  You will always remember where you were and what you were doing when everything went down.  Unfortunately, many monumental days like this, such as D-Day, Pearl Harbor, and the Kennedy Assassination, seem to fade away as time goes on.  To combat that, our generation has repeatedly used the phrase “Never Forget.”

However, as time passes, other events occur that place the attacks further in the rear view mirror.  Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, two wars, countless devastating wildfires, and multiple massive tornado outbreaks over the last decade have taken some of the spotlight off of what happened at the World…

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