UPDATE~STATION 10 has been forced to close!

This is the e-mail we received Tuesday evening at the close of government hours. We discussed our options last night-we will be pursuing all options to stay open for the benefit of our community. We will not let Chief Graves shut us down! Although we currently cannot respond to any calls-they won’t even be toning us out-we will stay “open”.

Tanker 10 and her 2,500 gallons of water, Engine 10 with her capabilities, and Squad 10 with her foam capabilities will be staying in the station until further notice.

~Station 10 Public Information Officer

The following is the exact quotes from the e-mail we received:

“Effective immediately, due to the lack of having a valid contract for service, volunteer fire stations are not authorized to respond to any calls for service. Hilliard and Callahan may respond within their respective town limits under the authority of their Town Councils. I recommend that each of you contact Mr. Charles Chapman with the State Fire Marshal and request that he complete a compliance inspection as soon as possible to help move this situation forward. He can be contacted at 407-445-0480 or charles.chapman@myfloridacfo.com. The Reserve / Support option is still available to you.”

Matt Graves
Fire Chief
Nassau County Fire Rescue
96160 Nassau Place
Yulee, Fl 32097


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