Updates from our November Business Meeting:

*We have started working on the checklist for the State of Florida-as far as their requirements for us to be a volunteer fire department. It is a long checklist!
*We are still closed down until further notice.
*We are working on getting the final paperwork done for Nassau County-per their request at the end of September.
*One of our members will be completing Firefighter 1 by the end of December and starting Firefighter 2 in January.
*Another member will have completed Emergency Medical Responder (formerly First Responder) by the middle of December and starting Emergency Medical Technician in January.
*We are looking into the possibility of getting all of our members a Certificate of Completion – Firefighter Part I from the State so they can enter the “hot zone” as a volunteer firefighter.

Station 8-Gray Gables/Nassau Village and Station 9-River Road, have completely shut down for good. Stations 4-Hilliard, 5-Callahan, and 11- Nassau Oaks Volunteer Fire Dept are also turning to the state to get their inspections completed.

Tanker 10 will be in the Callahan Christmas Parade.

~RCVFD, Station 10, Public Information Officer


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