Incident Responses

We stopped responding to calls on October 1, 2013.
In 2013 Station 10 has received: (as of August 1, 2013)
Medical Emergency: 60 in District
Brush Fire: 1 in District 19 Mutual Aid
Illegal Burn: 2 in District
Structure Fire: 4 in District 14 Mutual Aid
Motor Vehicle Accident: 4 in District
Vehicle Fire: 3 in District
No Response: 4 in District 1 Mutual Aid
Tree Down: 1 in District
Wire Down: 2 in District
Smoke Investigation: 1 in District
Smoke Alarm: 1 in District
Special Detail: 2 in District
2013 Totals: 83 in District_33 Mutual Aid
In 2012 Station 10 received:
Medical Emergency- 100 in District 2 Mutual Aid
Brush Fire- 7 in District 30 Mutual Aid

Structure Fire- 3 in District 30 Mutual Aid

Illegal Burn- 7 in District 1 Mutual Aid

Motor Vehicle Accident- 10 in District

Special Detail- 3 in District 5 Mutual Aid

Vehicle Fire- 1 in District

Fire Alarm- 3 in District

Tree Down-1 in District

Wire Down-4 in District

Smoke Investigation-1 in District

No Response-11 in District

Hazmat Incident- 1 in District

Total Responses in 2012- 157 in District_ 63 Mutual Aid

In 2011 Station 10 responded to:

Medical Emergency-  72 in District 1 Mutual Aid

Brush Fire- 7 in District   24 Mutual Aid

Motor Vehicle Accident- 6 in District  2 Mutual Aid

Structure Fire- 3 in District  28 Mutual Aid

Vehicle Fire- 2 in District

Wires Down- 3 in District

Smoke Investigation- 5 in District

Special Detail- 6 in District

 Smoke Alarm-3 in District

Total in 2011= 119 in District_ 57 Mutual Aid


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