Never Forget

Let us never forget those firefighters that have given the ultimate sacrifice.

Florida Line-Of-Duty-Deaths:

1885 Henry J. Bradley
1888 Harry Ashton
1908 Jonny Johnson
1913 John Thompson
1927 Sam L. Varnes
1929 W. M. Mathews Ben Stubble
1933 Harry L. Graves William R. Johnson
1934 Herman J. Williams
1941 Joseph H. Juergen
1943 William E. Holloway Henry C. Mandel Wayon Villia
1944 Raymond W. Corum
1948 William K. Walker
1949 Sidney Voorhees
1951 Benjamin F. Holland
1954 Abner L. Daughtry
1955 A. C. Wooten
1956 L. D. Blanton O. W. Dennis Earl Roundtree
1957 Hubert R. Daffron Herbert F. Goyer James B. Libby
W. W. Young
1958 Albert G. Philips Andrew H. Sulli
1960 Albert H. Newton
1961 J. Brinkley Price
1962 Lester W. Boss Vista Lowe
1963 James R. Romedy
1964 A. Miranda
1966 George W. Ludwig
1967 Dilliard D. Pinkston
1968 Walter W. Flowers Arthur W. Hutt Cecil F. Irey
1969 O. E. Calderon John A. Lewkowicz Robert F. Parker
1970 N. E. Johnson
1971 Richard Hernandez
1972 G. Calvin Bookhardt James G. Bourbeau Bill Curry
Allan Davis Sanford Hathaway James J. Ridge, Sr.
1973 Atha R. Richards
1974 William Albright Ralph E. Bond R. L. Ryals
William H. Stowell Roger H. Werner
1975 David H. Evans Leon J. King Glen A. Miley
1976 Ralph C. Dash Ronald H. Jones Normand L. Rondeau
Michael J. Signorelli
1979 Edgar A. Buck Robert J. Harachiewicz William L. Price
Joseph F. Stichway
1980 Marlin K. Bennett Marvin Butler Donald F. Gaughan
1981 Robert C. Lamme I. Royal William C. Runyon
Franz G. Warner William Ziegler
1982 William O. Davis
1983 Athniel K. Appleberg Robert L. Baltimore Eddie Jackson
Ellis A. Williams
1984 Michael T. McCarthy Jack L. Pratt, Sr.
1985 Randall O. Garrett Marco A Miranda Shawn F. O’Dare
1986 William E. Albritton, Jr. Edgar A. Cowart
1987 Karl J. Carman, Jr. Peter A. Codella Frank E. Schilsky
1988 Jeffrey W. Holt Robert J. Padgett
1989 Todd Aldridge Joseph J. Atwell Mark A. Benge
Wayne Ervin Fort Clifford J. Leathers Paul J. Reid
William H. Sconiers
1990 Kaye F. Anderson Karl J. Drews James C. Winters
1991 Ronald W. Russell James D. Sapp Mark A. Wilkes
1993 Gordon Scott Moore Everett C. Pierce Keith (Puff) A. Walker-Nassau County Fire-Rescue
1994 Dewey F. Henry Ann F. Sheppard
1995 Lyle Garlinghouse
1997 Malcolm A. Rovero, II David S. Williams
1998 Richard K. Rice- Nassau County Fire Rescue Volunteer Station 7
1999 David T. Nall
2000 Maurice Bartholomew George A. Burton Michael Yahraus
2001 Darryl J. Dzugen Linda Hernandez Ray Lloyd
Neil Woodward
2002 Dallas Begg Rupert Fuller Shane Kelly
John Mickel
2003 Wayne E. Mitchell
2004 Robert D. Heighton Randy R. Henderson Benjamin Lang
David Mackie Edward Peters
2005 Dennis J. Bottge Henry D. Hobbs Karl “Kliff” Kramer
Frank Kucera
2007 Jeremy Adams Michael Douhit2011- Josh Bursh       Brett Fulton

Recent Posts

Updates from our November Business Meeting:

*We have started working on the checklist for the State of Florida-as far as their requirements for us to be a volunteer fire department. It is a long checklist!
*We are still closed down until further notice.
*We are working on getting the final paperwork done for Nassau County-per their request at the end of September.
*One of our members will be completing Firefighter 1 by the end of December and starting Firefighter 2 in January.
*Another member will have completed Emergency Medical Responder (formerly First Responder) by the middle of December and starting Emergency Medical Technician in January.
*We are looking into the possibility of getting all of our members a Certificate of Completion – Firefighter Part I from the State so they can enter the “hot zone” as a volunteer firefighter.

Station 8-Gray Gables/Nassau Village and Station 9-River Road, have completely shut down for good. Stations 4-Hilliard, 5-Callahan, and 11- Nassau Oaks Volunteer Fire Dept are also turning to the state to get their inspections completed.

Tanker 10 will be in the Callahan Christmas Parade.

~RCVFD, Station 10, Public Information Officer

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