A Fireman’s Tears

-Author Unknown

The alarm rang, as it had so many times before.
He was the first of the firefighters up and out,
Awakened from his bed at the station
By the clanging of the bell.
Engine 12 pulled out of the hall,
Dispatch paged another station.
And all the firemen aboard the truck
Were tensed with anticipation
” It’s gonna be a nice ‘un, boys,”
He said as he donned his gear.
And the young bucks smiled at him
As they drew ever near.
They turned onto his own street
And he could see the fire’s work
He hoped their mother woke his kids
To see their dad at work.
His heart sank as he saw the home
That he so dearly loved
Going up in Smoke and Flames
As he donned his gloves.
Aggressively he hit the fire
And searched the rooms above.
And with a flare of personal vengeance
He saved what remained of his home.
As he left the world of flaming hell
He saw his little girl
He ran quickly to her side and said,
“Honey, Daddy’s here.”
He would never forget what next she said:
As he held her close,
“I love you, Daddy,” she whimpered,
And he began to weep.
She died in his arms that night…
The others, later on….
His comrades gave him their respects
but his Family was gone.
He sits alone at the station, now,
There’s no more spring in his step.
He stays detached from his fellows
to avoid once again being hurt.
He risks it all in fires, now,
No more concerns for his safety.
He has taken a solemn vow.
He won’t let it happen to another,
as long as he’s around.

uthor unknown


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